The bank bailout (TARP) and the GM and Chrysler “emergency loan”
In a word, no. It is irrelevant that the banks and car companies paid their loans back sooner than expected, or that certain entities were saved. Why should the federal government be allowed to give your money to private enterprises of their choosing? If a company behaves badly, it is up to that company to bear the consequences of their actions. It is not up to you, the taxpayer.

Political Behavior/Good Government
I will not take a pension, because I see no need for the people of the United States to fund my retirement. If the law requires me to take a pension, I will donate it in full to Homes For Our Troops.

I will read every bill which comes before me for a vote. If, after having read it, I can determine that it passes constitutional muster, I will make it available for seven days online in plain English for my constituents to read. If the Congress is unwilling to grant its members the time for this kind of scrutiny by the public, my vote will be no. Would you ever sign something that you hadn’t read?

States’ Rights
The United States Constitution places only seventeen pages worth of power in the hands of the federal government. The rest of it belongs to the states and to the people. As your Congressman, I will work to give the power back to the states, cities, towns, and people, because that’s where it belongs.

The Second Amendment
I will always stand by the right of the individual American citizen to keep and bear arms.

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